The Imperial Palace is the reality show the whole real shooting, more fully open to the public

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Original title: real shooting, more fully open to the public

This year as the "Raiders" such as "Yan Xi Yi Zhuan" hit, the Imperial Palace and the Qing Dynasty and a brush sense of presence. But it is not close to the true history of the story. In order to let more people know about the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Palace Museum jointly produced a large Beijing TV show broadcast season "new culture of the the Imperial Palace".

Recently, the reporter in Beijing early to watch a 30 minute show, Deng Lun and the "Lady" Ada Choi emperor Qian Long visited the secret garden, "Royal cat" Luban are impressed, but Yiwei Zhou Qian Long said to mirror the familiar story of a scene, but also a glimpse of this drama than Qing emperors of the true heart.

A variety show fun

Although there have been such a relationship with the Imperial Palace movies or programs, but the the Imperial Palace Research Institute of Academy of film and Television Studies, but also on the "new the Imperial Palace" head writer Zhu Yong, solemnly introduced yesterday: "this is the first time in the history of the Imperial Palace productions. The Imperial Palace means more fully open to the public, and the public exchange".

It is reported that the "new the Imperial Palace" plan of the three season. The first phase of the program and show a large number of the Imperial Palace pride, so far not yet open to the Qianlong garden is the first public display. As previously the "national treasure", "new the Imperial Palace" also invited celebrities and experts in. The first exposure in the program, "the Queen" Ada Choi and "the Imperial Palace cultural and creative development of new" Deng Lun visits Juanqin studio. A "back to the palace" Ada Choi whole excitement, a marvel of Emperor Qianlong's luxury, "he's jade!" For a while with the strength of the elusive "gangpu" said: "double thin!" The presence of experts and Deng Lun hesitated to react, "said the Queen" is the double-sided embroidery.

As the main leisure overlord Qianlong residence, Juanqin studio showing royal style with personal preferences, the whole building wall with more than 2000 pieces of Hetian jade, high technology goods at that time also can be seen everywhere carved bamboo reed.

The story in the the Imperial Palace can "find".

The program model innovation research and development experts cold song yesterday the scene said, "the new the Imperial Palace" is one of the few able to convey the cultural heritage so vivid programs, especially the program set by tension and innovation makes a show and adorable young.

Look ahead can best embody this feature film is Yiwei Zhou role link. In the lens he played two roles: Emperor Qian Long and Qian Long of jiangnan. Just a few minutes of Qianlong in the mirror reflection of successful drama, let the audience know the Emperor Qianlong in the Imperial Palace to build a full of Jiangnan features Juanqin fast when there is a tangled heart how.

Director Mao Jia said that the program has the story repeats itself, but must stick to this one: "through the interpretation of the story, in the hope that the the Imperial Palace retained traces in the study there may happen at that time."

Mao Jia said, for the filming of the show, "we became very rigorous team from a vaudeville team". "Standing on the top of this piece of treasure, you can't do anything against the historical facts of some of the things that must be in awe." She takes Yiwei Zhou Qian Long to the mirror on this scene for example: Inspiration from the famous "emperor Qian Long is a two map". Qian Long's dress all source -- clothing "Qian Long anthology" according to the imperial portrait in the purse is in the reduction, "Qian Long map" Yuma "find", a combination of various elements of Yiwei Zhou's dress. Detail pull and pull the hair, she thinks it is necessary: "because we are not taken in Hengdian, are taken in the land of the Imperial Palace, so we must respect history."

In order to ensure the safety of cultural relics brains

Shooting in the Imperial Palace real, there is another important problem need careful treatment, that is the protection of cultural relics, Mao Jia said: "in the Imperial Palace during the filming of all the camera equipment are wrapped with a sponge tripod. There was a light in use is subject to strict inspection department, the Department of ancient palace teacher, in order to control the number and temperature control, do everything possible to ensure the safety of cultural relics case, make the most beautiful picture."

Total screenwriter Zhu Yong earlier revealed that the program can see Yiwei Zhou sitting on the throne of the lens, but in Juanqin fast shooting, in addition to the foot to step on a brick, any part of the building are not allowed to touch people, certainly can not sit there. So Yiwei Zhou sat the throne is the program group in accordance with the heritage style production props." The "new the Imperial Palace" in 9 in Beijing TV premiere, Iqiyi independent broadcast network. (reporter Chen Hui)

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                 "The Imperial Palace brothers" Yiwei Zhou, Deng Lun in the "Palace" in the ancient and modern shuttle

(Lu Jing, He Yinghai: commissioning editor)