Picture story: black and white photos last colorist brush to help people repair "memory"

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 Zhuang Qianbin carefully to color photos.
Zhuang Qianbin carefully to color photos.

Yellow, adhesion, dirt and damage...... A broken old photos by his hands after the repair became perfect. He is the "artificial photo fix" and "artificial coloring pictures" of the master, is the industry still adhere to the "position" of the rye. In Dalian Xishan old residential area, there is a small small studio is quite well known, a photo studio, a hefatongyan old teacher wearing an old-fashioned perennial overalls, joking with customers, he is Zhuang Qianbin, is China's early black and white photo coloring master, according to national industry level two the judges. Now, he has 77 years dedicated to help others "repair the broken memories".

Zhuang Qianbin was born in 1941, his childhood love of painting, his dream is to be a painter, 1957 in Dalian Workers Cultural Palace of learning, when at the age of 18 came to Chunhua studio as an apprentice, then the indissoluble bound and photography. From the age of 18 to enter the studio after his photographic skills and skills of art will slowly melted and together, after he colored black-and-white photographs of the award-winning, creating a new way of coloring and repair technology. Zhuang Qianbin said, I am very grateful to my art foundation. The photo for the most important quality first is love, second is to have a certain artistic accomplishment, certain art foundation. There is no foundation, to cope with the customer problem, but to the future development of a certain grade, it is difficult to break a new path.

Sit on the rack before repair work, Zhuang Qianbin breath gas gathering, "coloring, repair can not be careless, because painting is in the picture, a stroke wrong, the whole picture is finished." Zhuang Qianbin said, the side of the paint, watercolor painting, pen, watercolor pen, a variety of cotton wrapped in bamboo, is he turn bad into good tools. "The business to do well, first of all to have basic art, painting, have solid basic skills, secondly, master of photography of the various processes and skills. This requires a full set of Kung Fu, dressing, color, zoom, can understand the full set of very few people, the traditional skills, will be too little."

Because the old photo coloring and dressing schtick, so he gave many people "Dreams" -- in the past, many people are only black and white photos, but after Zhuang Qianbin the old man's hand, with red lips, green uniforms, the color photos". 3 years ago, Jinzhou District, an old man wanted to give up at the expense of the war of liberation brother, can find, only to find a group photo in the photo, brother rice only the size of the picture, but also in school. Zhuang Qianbin spent a week, put this picture clip, dressing, remake, then zoom. The old man looked at his brother wearing the uniform of the handsome photos, was moved to tears.

In recent years, with the computer software synthesis and repair photos have become a popular trend. "With the computer really convenient, so I learn the art of too few people." In this regard, Zhuang Qianbin expressed his concerns, artificial restoration have advantages and characteristics can not be replaced, do not understand the facial bone structure organization of people with computer is also very difficult to repair a picture perfect. Zhuang Qianbin has been in the business for over 50 years, in half a century, he in the end how many old photos of dressing, coloring? Zhuang Qianbin smiled and shook his head: "count." Now he is still at this position of the rye. "I have been doing, do not move until the day." Zhuang Qianbin said.

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(Lu Jing, He Yinghai: commissioning editor)

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