Pan Gongkai: I do not agree with the formulation of the Pan Tianshou school.

04 December 2018, 09:28 source: Art Newspaper
Original title: I do not support the "Pan Tianshou school" formulation.

Tong Zhongtao: how to understand Pan Tianshou correctly?

Pan Gongkai answers student questions

Q: not long ago, at the Ningbo Art Museum, we held the "East Zhejiang light - the Nomination Exhibition of Yonghua Chinese paintings" and the seminar. In the seminar, some experts put forward the idea of establishing the "Pan Tianshou school" and published a long article in the art paper and the Chinese culture daily. This has also caused some controversy. We want to hear Mr. Pan's opinion.

A: I did not know the preparatory process in advance of the seminar in Ningbo. Two days before the meeting, I was surprised to learn that Mr. Lu was going to present the title of "Pan Tianshou school" at the meeting. Immediately sent a text message to the Ningbo art gallery and Lu teacher, and expressly disagreed with this formulation. The Ningbo Art Gallery agreed to change the theme. But some papers have been compiled into books, too late to change them.

Q: the term "Pan Tianshou school" sounds pretty good. Why don't you agree?

Answer: teacher Lu is of course good intentions to further promote the research of Pan Tianshou. But I think we should do more solid and specific research work. It requires the participation and discussion of the art circles from all over the world. There is no need to limit Pan Tianshou to a "school", nor do we need to play the banner of "school" or "painting school". My view is:

1. we can simply imagine that if Mr. Pan is still alive, will he agree with the title of "Pan Tianshou school"? He certainly will not agree. He taught students, he has not encouraged students to learn themselves, he never pulls the team and carries the flag. He advocated teaching students in accordance with their aptitude. He opposed the sectarianism in his whole life and disapproved of the factional struggle in the last stage of literati painting. It is not necessary for the old man to put his buttons on his head.

2., Mr. Lao's life is indeed like what Lu said is righteousness, right learning and right way. But this is a way of doing people's scholarship instead of academic research. The basic characteristic of "school" is the distinction between academic viewpoint and method and its exclusiveness. As Kong Lingwei said, Pan Tianshou's art theory is not Dong Qichang's "south north" framework, but the "East West" framework of world vision. He defends the world status of Chinese painting. This is not a school view, but a national cultural self-confidence. When Pan Tianshou and his successors are called schools, they speak little about events.

3. at the moment, the academic circles of art circles tend to be impetuous. There are still many things to do in the study of Pan Tianshou and the study of art history. In particular, picture analysis, brush and ink research, but also lack of depth, in fact, there is a lot of work to do. If you really understand the old gentleman's magnanimity, you can understand his righteousness, righteousness and right way.

Q: I have heard that Mr. Pan's several disciples (students who have taught directly) do not agree with the term "school".

A: Yes, they all feel wrong. We all think that we should correctly understand Pan Tianshou's thought and spirit. We hope that more experts and scholars from north and South in the East and West will take part in Pan Tianshou research, carry forward the national art and inherit the broad mind and cultural confidence of the old man.

(editor in chief: Lu Jing, He Yinghai)