Pan Gongkai: I don't agree with the "Pan Tianshou school" was

In December 2018 04, 09:28 source: Art report
Original title: I am not in favor of the "Pan Tianshou school" was

Tong Zhongtao: how to understand Pan Tianshou

Pan Gongkai, a student asked

Q: not long ago at the Ningbo Art Museum held a "Zhejiang light collection - Ningbo born famous China painting Nomination Exhibition" at the conference and seminar, experts have proposed the establishment of "Pan Tianshou school" claims, and published a long article in the fine arts and culture Chinese newspaper. This also caused a bit of controversy. We want to hear Mr pan.

Answer: Ningbo seminar I do not know in advance the preparatory process. Two days before the meeting that Lu Xin teacher to put forward the "Pan Tianshou school" in the name of the meeting, I was a little surprised. Immediately to the Ningbo Museum of art and the teacher Lu to send a text message, clear disapproval of this formulation. Ningbo Museum immediately agreed to get rid of the theme. But some papers have been compiled into a book, too late to change.

Q: it sounds like a "Pan Tianshou school" was also very good ah, why don't you agree?

Answer: Lu Xin teacher also want to further promote the study of Pan Tianshou kindness. But I think to do a lot of research work to promote the study of concrete. This requires from all sides in the arts at home and abroad to participate in discussion, comrade Pan Tianshou, there is no need to be confined in a "school", also do not need to play the "school" or "school" banner. My point is:

1. we can most simply imagine: if Mr. Pan is still alive, he will agree to the "Pan Tianshou school" this title? He won't agree. He has been teaching students, encourages students to learn, he never pull the team, carry the banner. He advocated teaching, without discrimination. He opposed the parochial prejudice life, not in favor of the literati painting moliu factions. The old man you don't love things, there is no need to hard to buckle on his head.

2. the old man life, as did Lu Xin said is healthy, and the right way of learning. But this is his acting attitude, rather than academic research point of view method. Basic characteristics of the "school" is the difference between the academic point of view and the other methods, and has exclusive. As Kong Lingwei said: Pan Tianshou's theory of art from the beginning of "North South" framework is not Dong Qichang, but the world view of the "East West" framework, he is to defend the China status in the world of painting. This is not a school, but a cultural self-confidence. Pan Tianshou and his followers called the school, the big small.

3. now the art circles, often impetuous, big ideology, less solid research. Pan Tianshou studies and art history research have a lot of things to do, need further. Especially the study of image analysis, text, is the lack of depth, in fact, is There is much fineness in do. Really understand the old man bearing mind, to understand his righteousness, Zhengxue, right.

Q: I heard that several disciples pan old Mr. (direct students) do not agree with the "school" of the proposal?

Answer: Yes, they all feel wrong. We believe that to correctly understand Pan Tianshou's thought and spirit. I hope more and more experts and scholars to participate in the four corners of the world Pan Tianshou research, developing national art, inheriting the old Mr. broadmindedness and cultural self-confidence.

(Lu Jing, He Yinghai: commissioning editor)