"The world Master" Renaissance heroes exhibition debut in Nanjing Museum

Zheng Jinming Xu Xiaoyang

In December 2018 05, 09:18 source: Guangming Daily
Original title: Sketches master creation process of reproduction

The audience experience making woodcut. Xu Xiaoyang camera / light.

The audience during a visit to the works of Da Finch "the beautiful princess". Xinhua News Agency reporter Sun Can photo

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Da Finch chalk sketch "beautiful princess", Michelangelo's sculpture "in Christ on the cross" and Rafael's "Holy Family (wood painting book Madonna)"...... recently, "the World Masters - Italy Renaissance heroes" exhibition in Nanjing Museum opened, 68 pieces of Renaissance art "Heroes" and his followers the works have appeared. The exhibition of paintings, sculptures, sketches by artists and other art works show the design process, to restore the most authentic artists the most original, the most willing to express the artistic language.

1. in the eyes of the "touch" of the Renaissance

Occupy the hall "C" sculpture of Christ attracts the viewer's eye, tell Michelangelo I complex and contradictory spiritual world. "The artist endows the sculpture by the soul, this exhibition can let the audience have the opportunity to use eyes to touch the Renaissance, a taste of that era for our visible civilization." One of the curators of this exhibition, Nanjing Museum exhibition Chen Department Cui Xiaoying told reporters that the exhibition of 68 works, the most representative is a life sized sculpture "in the cross of Christ", it is a perfect interpretation of Michelangelo's character and internal quality, transfer of Renaissance artists for the soul and spirit of the statement the demands of real.

The left into the first exhibition area, a painting on parchment young woman side Yan striking portrait. This picture named "beautiful princess" chalk sketch for Da Finch's original value, techniques and artistic creation as "Monalisa's smile", called the work sequence in the national level. Da Finch uses chalk and crayon interwoven painting, makes the woman's eyes is very simple and elegant, if there is no smile, exudes "ideal beauty".

"Finch is the earliest description and praise the beauty of secular female artist. Many people do not know is that he is an obsession with the invention inventor and engineer." Cui Xiaoying introduction, the exhibition featured Da Finch in the field of physics, anatomy of manuscripts on display, one of the most representative is the 38 page "bird flight manuscript".

The bird body, aircraft model, mechanical work principle...... Da Finch read the manuscript, the genius in order to protect their own research results and the invention of the "mirror" amazing everywhere, Italian, Latin and fill the blank between the dialect sketches, sketches, illustrations, notes a cascading layer, more complete outline of the whole process of his long-term observation and thinking. "Play an important role during these observations and concept successfully invented the airplane at the beginning of the 20 century." Cui Xiaoying said.

"To really understand the artist is not easy, but the artist's works are too strong for thousands and thousands of words." The exhibition curator Wang Guiyang told reporters that the responsible person, and in the past China see Renaissance exhibition is the biggest difference, the exhibition center is the design process with a large number of sketches to lead the viewer to understand the artist. "Any artist finally works are actually improved gradually on the basis of the manuscript, the manuscript will help the viewers more intuitive understanding of the master's creative ideas or thoughts."

2. works of art and face-to-face dialogue

The works of Michelangelo and his followers entered the exhibition area, high 175cm sculpture "mourning of Christ" (copy) visible. The statue of Jesus was crucified, the virgin Maria holding Jesus body into deep sorrow of the scene. Unlike other sculpture, Michelangelo changed the floating on the surface expression of grief, nor Jesus emphasizes physical wounds, contrasts with grief and great heart face surprisingly calm, give a person with beautiful shock.

"" mourning of Christ "is regarded as Michelangelo's most famous masterpiece, and only Michelangelo's signature works. This art has no one beyond the peak." Liu Wentao, vice president of Nanjing Museum, there will be one to two international cultural exhibition in Nanjing museum every year, hope that through the exhibition to let the audience have a general understanding of the western culture, and not remember a loud name. "With this exhibition, the Renaissance art peak is not a sudden, why Michelangelo was called the founder of the climax of Renaissance art, which requires the viewer closer in mind."

The Renaissance is the history, context is more." Nanjing University Art Research Institute president Zhou Xian told reporters, for Chinese, the Renaissance is a "mirror", a "toolbox", is an important source of inspiration. With it, people can get different impression and self consciousness in cultural comparison, we entered the world culture camp, to find their own position; in the face of great change and transition of the society, people can be found for the effective tools to solve problems from them". "Both are artists, critics, theorists and thinkers, can be found, from the Renaissance to obtain high perspicacity local culture creative inspiration."

It is understood that the exhibition attracted a large number of paintings, sculpture, photography, sculpture professional teacher in Nanjing Arts Institute will be moved into the classroom exhibition hall, let the student works and a face-to-face dialogue. "Outstanding works of art need to close the heart to feel." Nanjing Arts Institute sculpture junior Li Rui told reporters, we in the classroom often put the story of an artist, artistic style and spiritual expression as knowledge, to learn, to memory, "the study so that we can be more intuitive to appreciate the artist's spiritual world, how we will guide the real emotion into the artistic creation, art opening speech."

3. draw a perfect ideal world

Area continued from Michelangelo and his followers works through another arch door to Rafael and his followers works on display, the exhibition featured the works of 12 Rafael and his followers.

"My painting is the perfect art, I don't know, but I'm trying to make it reach the perfect level." Rafael is in the Renaissance period in order to shape the image of the Virgin Mary is famous classical artist. He's honest, kind, beautiful, the performance of a civilian a benign countenance, the motherly love and kindness. Wood painting "the Holy Family (book" femininity in the Virgin Mary) looked at El Nino, painting lines, color composition, mellow and elegant, perfect image of harmony, beauty and elegant women's gentle motherly love of the great performance fully and delightfully.

In addition to "Holy Family", (Book Mary) exhibition also exhibited "Madonna," young woman "and Santa Ana lamb" portrait of a painting board. "When the Renaissance in Italy and Europe carried out like a raging fire, Chinese Ming Dynasty is in the heyday of printmaking techniques." Cui Xiaoying introduced, compared with European wood painting, China has a long history of printmaking.

To let the audience personally touch something cultural gap, also has a museum exhibition, visitors can experience the process of making woodblock prints, copper, can also be a huge "beautiful princess" color, these innovative experience project moved many viewers to "taste". Liu Wentao said: "I hope this exhibition as a path, leading us into the Renaissance; hope it is a pot of fire, can make the audience enjoy at the same time thinking how to revitalize the Chinese excellent traditional culture."

The talk of the Renaissance in today's Chinese, the core essence is to update and non vintage." Professor of Shanghai Fudan University and Research Institute Ge Zhaoguang believes that the Chinese culture broad and profound, very attractive, we should get inspiration from the Renaissance, to grasp the "conservation" and "change", realize the creative transformation of traditional culture and the development of innovative, do warm ancient Kam today, returning to the new.

(reporter correspondent Zheng Jinming Xu Xiaoyang)

(Lu Jing, He Yinghai: commissioning editor)